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Who we work with?

Different business types require different approach and expertise.


Marketing Departments

You need to act quickly and launch new promotional website or application. We build and maintain your new digital product.



Combine your brilliant ideas with our expertise. Our common goal is to create ideal product for your users.


Existing Businesses

You already know what to do. We are here to empower your company and leverage your expertise.


Digital Agencies

Build a strong long-term partnership to help you out when you pursue new market opportunities.

Clients we have helped

We're very proud that we had participated in our partners successes.

About Us

We are a small and dedicated group of professionals that are 100% office based. You can join us in our office to work on a project together with your team in the same room! Our team is full of passionate people that love what they are doing. We enjoy solving complex problems using modern technology.

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Way we work

We are fully transparent, honest, communicative and we learn from our successes and mistakes. From our experience, efficient communication is a key to a successful product delivery. We want to share full details on how and why we work in a certain way.

Discovery Phase

During the first phase we get to know you. As we collect and analyse requirements for your project, we gain a deep understanding of your ideas. It will guide us to invent solutions that maximise the value of your product.

Product Workshops

You meet the team and the journey begins: together we will walk a mile in the prospective user’s shoes. The outcome of product workshops is a clear list of features, initial documentation, and a set of mockups for proposed ideas.

Estimation and Budgeting

With all of the features and documentation created, the team will estimate the project and present potential timelines. We will adjust the plans to your budget, and prioritise features for your MVP.

Scrum Iterations

We work in 2-week sprints. Each sprint has a set of goals, which we will consult with you every time. You will receive progress updates daily, and every other week you’ll be able to personally test new parts of your software. Only features that you sign-off on will reach the final product. You have complete control over development.

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Solutions, that pay off.

We boost productivity and quality with finest solutions in terms of development environment.

$ make start
✔ fetching project dependencies
✔ compiling assets
✔ running dev environement
Your environment is ready:
$ git commit
✔ code formatting
✔ tests
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