Barker Stone

Branding & WordPress Website Development

Barker Stone is a niche high-end property agent.

They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the property market and quickly identified a gap in the market for an agent that focuses solely on high-end, luxury properties.

Mobile First Website


Codeminded was briefed to create a brand that would reflect the professionalism, knowledge and passion of the Barker Stone team.

The objective being to disrupt the market, and make them the definitive “go-to” agent for buying or selling high-end properties in The Midlands.

In order to succeed in their chosen market, the branding needed to position them as aspirational, knowledgeable, confident and sophisticated with a strong heritage – a smart choice for sellers and buyers alike.

Clean Brand Guidelines for Barker Stone


We designed a responsive website that showcased the portfolio of luxury properties beautifully.

We designed an extensive selection of marketing materials including a stationery suite, brochures and iconography to complement the luxury properties in their portfolios. 

Brand consistency was key both online and offline. The site is aimed at vendors who are looking to find the most suitable agent to sell their property, so we had to make sure that the branding did everything it possibly could to establish and reinforce Barker Stone’s core values. The site also has property listings and a feed to all the major property listing sites.

We never could have dreamt that it would have been possible to get our new venture to market as quickly as Codeminded managed to. They led us confidently and in partnership all the way from the initial brainstorm meeting right through to making the site go live just nine weeks later. We are extremely happy with the level of service and professionalism that we received and would highly recommend them

Simon Stone, Founder

In just nine weeks, Barker Stone launched with a brand new identity supported by an extensive range of printed marketing material, a website and a digital marketing campaign (PPC – Pay Per Click). The launch was a huge success and attracted enough investment to allow them the opportunity to acquire High Street presence in the form of two new offices.

Clean Collage-Based Website Design

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