Click & Clear

Branding, Website & Bespoke Management System

Click and Clear provides a simple to use and hassle free service for waste and rubbish collection.

Set of graphics with brand identity have been created


The initial concept was to allow customers to book and pay for rubbish collection online - something no one else had done.

The key questions asked by people using the service are how much will it cost, when will it get picked up and how do I pay. All of these were quickly solved by an online waste calculator, a bespoke management system and a payment gateway.

Responsive Website Design


Branding, website and management system were created. After that works a digital marketing strategy was implemented.

 This delivered outstanding ROI and quickly generated the funds to increase both marketing activity and investment into operations.

A mobile first approach proved extremely successful with evidence showing that 74% of traffic had originated from mobile devices and 83% of sales had been booked and purchased online. The site has been designed to answer all customer enquiries and gives them the confidence to book and purchase all in one visit.

In a competitive market place we were looking at ways to shake it up and get noticed. We identified the need for a complete digital solution that eliminated the need for unnecessary hassle. Codeminded stepped up to the mark and got our idea from the board room to market in 12 weeks.

Tony Moore, Operations Director
Mobile First Pricing Calculator

We analysed the workflow of the offline orders and replicated the process in a custom built CRM. This included automation and improvements to the order management process eliminating human error and making the client experience a breeze. The technologies used include PHP, MYSQL, JS and Amazon Web services. Since its launch the system has reduced lead times on jobs and reduced operating costs significantly.

We set out to disrupt an ever increasingly competitive and growing market. Our final solution offers the customer a hassle free booking and payment journey whilst giving operations the confidence and best chance to deliver and exceed customer expectations. After gaining traction and market share the £120,000 investment was secured to expand operations and marketing activity.