Property Management System & ERP

Global Guardians offer innovative security solutions for vacant properties’ owners.

The idea is brilliantly simple – GG (Global Guardians) are placing live-in residents to secure the vacant buildings, which gives a cost-effective and low-risk alternative to traditional security companies. Guardians (residents) get an inexpensive apartment, adapted for living and very often located in interesting and unusual buildings, e.g. hospital, bank or nursery.

GG Manages over 1000 properties through MyGlobe System


In 2014 GG employed 10 people, had 23 properties to manage and 150 Guardians to stay in contact with. Their business relied on spreadsheets or pen and paper.

They were facing a problem with scaling their business – Global Guardians were successfully acquiring new clients and got far more interest from potential Guardians, but their existing workflow kept holding them back.

There was no off the shelf product that would match Global Guardians needs. Their innovative business model made it impossible to find a tool that wouldn’t fall short. GG would have to use a set of tools and solutions, making it hard to keep consistency of company processes. Rapid scale-up was already planned, and they did not want to overwhelm their new Coworkers, Clients and Guardians with the usage of a variety of applications.

Property Owners can login to system and check property condition and generate financial reports


We have created an MVP of a solution that innovates the Tenancy Processes and streamlines Property Management.

We have carried out the Product Workshops, where all critical requirements were selected. As a result we have crafted User Journeys of the App and defined the initial scope of MVP.

Client’s main worry was the agile process of work and lack of the Fixed Price Model. However, after the first iterations GG understood the advantages of the Agile and Time & Material, as we were able to deliver MVP under the initially estimated budget.

We have designed and implemented large digital product with Codeminded. We continuously benefit from cooperation as Codeminded helps us to scale our unique system. I have always found CM team to be professional, communicative and trustworthy. They understand business value of the product and help us to increase it with every single iteration.

Stuart Woolgar, CEO

Today, after a few years of cooperation, we’re still working on MyGlobe platform maintenance, improvements and new development. Over last couple of years we have created extended functionalities that cover:

  • Property Management with dashboard for Clients
  • Property Guardianship (tenancy) with dashboard for Guardians
  • Property Maintenance with Ticketing system and dashboard for external Contractors
  • ERP with Finance Modules and advanced reporting on internal and external processes
  • Sales Module & CRM
Guardians can apply for tenancy online and check their rent details on any device

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